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Canada’s foodservice industry gets its first Metaverse marketplace

Canada’s foodservice industry gets its first Metaverse marketplace

Canada’s foodservice industry gets its first Metaverse marketplace

restaurants Canada, a national non-profit association dedicated to advancing the potential of the Canadian hospitality industry through membership programs, research, advocacy, resources and events, has announced plans to develop the first Metaverse marketplace for the Canadian hospitality industry.

That Association has a partnership with Nextech AR Solutions, a Toronto, ON-based augmented reality (AR), metaverse, and communications technology company to build 365 Marketplace. The platform creates a hybrid mix of virtual event space and international marketplace with up to 5,000 virtual provider profiles serving over 30,000 members. It aims to be an e-commerce hub that uses 3D augmented reality technology to showcase products and allow members to interact at a higher level, Restaurants Canada noted.

“The 365 Marketplace brings them restaurant industry into the metaverse, offering a fully digital marketplace that can leverage 3D models and AR experiences, including holograms, to connect buyers and sellers and provide a much more interactive experience than a traditional online marketplace,” said Paul Duffy, President and Chairman of Nextech AR Solutions. “By partnering with Nextech and leveraging Nextech’s breakthrough technology restaurants Canada shows that they are pioneers in the restaurant industry and create the conditions for how business will be conducted in the future and in the future. These are really exciting times for the Canadian Food and beverage industry, and I’m excited to see how it all pans out.”

The 365 Marketplace is a major step forward for the food service and hospitality industry and will be a global destination for food and restaurant professionals looking to connect with local and international sellers and do business virtually. The Metaverse is launched internationally at the RC Show 2022a Canadian food service and hospitality event taking place May 9-11, 2022.

“The 365 Marketplace provides a one-stop resource for international communities to connect with Canadian foodservice market and vice versa,” said Roy Little, interim president and chief executive officer, restaurants Canada. “Our partnership with Nextech AR Solutions provides industry professionals with the tools they need to better serve the services Canadian market and build global connections. We look forward to bringing the 365 Marketplace virtual platform to the industry to break down barriers and encourage cross-border business as the global hospitality industry recovers post-pandemic.”

In addition to and complementary to the 365 Marketplace, Restaurants Canada has also announced a content partnership with a Toronto-based global market research agency, events organization and innovation consultancy trend hunterwhich provides access to knowledge and research results for industry.

As part of the partnership, the platform will also host the first “Innovator Exchange,” a program bringing together a select group of industry thought leaders in a think tank led by Trend Hunter. The program will address some of the issues impacting the restaurant industry in Canada, highlighting global trends and providing tangible insights that will enable these leaders to make a positive and lasting impact on the restaurant industry, Restaurants Canada said.

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